Redefining Fierce + Empowering Women

Coming September 2019

When we set out to create our vision of the first luxury, self-defense handbag we promised that no matter what, we would not compromise to achieve our goal of Shash becoming the pinnacle symbol of feminine power and elegance.  A handbag for the unapologetically passionate woman, who will stand for nothing less than perfection, beautiful style and fierce function.

Every Shash purse is hand-made and individually stitched with human precision in America. Humanely crafted, never to be constructed at the expense or exploitation of human rights or labor. We view every purse that makes it through production as an exquisite piece of art. Every Shash purse is constructed of only the finest grade genuine leather. We believe “artificial” has no place in the expression of provocative female status and power.

Without compromising aesthetics, we have achieved the highest possible functionality. Our purse is the first self-defense handbag crafted with a biometric lock which can be added or removed at the discretion of the woman in charge. Each Shash design has been engineered and field-tested with the ultimate aim of being unquestionably reliable should that moment come when a woman calls upon our product as her last line of defense.