To command power and influence over silence.

The uncanny feminine power and ability to cease by demand or sheer presence: intrusion, trespass, or nuisance.

Who Are We?

A lifestyle product. A priceless extension of a woman’s physical as well as social sphere of influence. A sleek creation of feminine perfectionism engineered BY the empowered woman FOR the empowered woman.

A life philosophy of female petition to embrace the beautifully divine, feminine right of empowerment, protection of self, and protection of the heart’s affection.

We at Shash have committed to our product line the same philosophy we have to our lives as independent, unapologetically fearless women.

After forging a path through the Texas-grown construction empire, JoAnna Pigford Guelker, along with April Ann Kohlmeyer chose to embark on a bold, new frontier to simultaneously conquer both the world of women's fashion as well as self-protection.

Tempered with the unwavering love and support of their military veteran husbands, JoAnna and April have worked to understand their insight and knowledge of firearm utilization and storage, placing it within reach of the modern woman.

With the creativity, sleek design and scintillating innovation of April's decades of fashion achievements and women's fashion successes, the Shash line of conceal carry handbags is a lifestyle product of functionality, durability and expert craftsmanship as not yet witnessed within the market of women's beauty and self defense.

Supported, launched and directed by JoAnna’s pioneering business innovation, decades of unrivaled success, and practical experience from within the cut-throat, male-dominated arena of the Houston construction industry, these two women have narrowed their vision to achieve an end whose actualization is an inevitability:  the revolution of the American woman’s fashion industry and the creation of a feminine lifestyle of empowerment.